Career Mobility – External: Outplacement and Career Transition Coaching (OCTC)

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Goal: Partnering (a) Senior Management Teams to manage business RISK, plan and implement manpower rightsizing decisions the RIGHT way, (b) outgoing Individuals (external career mobility) to rebuild their careers and morale and (c) remaining employees (the survivors) to understand and accept the needed changes so that morale and productivity will recover soonest possible.

HK3 Three-Phase Outplacement and Career Transition Implementation Process

HK3 Asia provides consulting advice to clients on the management of individual and large-scale staff reductions. We have time-tested approaches designed to provide positive benefits and reduce risks. Executed sensitively, our approach aims to minimize the trauma and maximize the dignity of departing employees. Besides maintaining the morale and productivity of remaining staff, increasing their commitment and focus of the organization, it will also enhance the external perceptions of the firm, its top management, customers, with the public, press and future employees. With the correct planning and advice, operational downtime, legal and financial risks can be avoided.

HK3 Asia can assist you and your planning team in your restructuring exercise to maximize positive benefits and minimize risks by investing time:

  •  to understand the business situation
  • to agree on desired outcomes and approach
  • to establish a master plan which will cover RISK management
  • to develop major programs and guiding principles
  •  to establish an effective communication plan
  • to design a program to coach managers
  • to establish checklist for implementation

Some words about our Career Transition Assistance ServicesFor Individuals, Groups and Spousal Career Relocation Programs

Career Transition Assistance is a planned and systematic process that is provided to individuals or groups leaving the organizations. HK3 Asia will assist the terminated or relocated employees through the trauma of job loss/change as well as helping them to learn the “best ways” to find the most appropriate new jobs in the shortest possible time. HK3 Asia provides our clients a wide range of Individual one-on-one customized outplacement programs for executives at different levels and job search/career development workshops for Groups. Our outplacement candidates will have access to our OI Solutions Career Transition Portal.

OI Solutions is our online portal with the most advanced resources available to job seekers, all in one place. It’s a high-tech tool that supplements our high-touch, personal support.

When our candidates are provided the log in, they would be able to access the essential tools such as the Resume Builder, Interview Simulator, 13 Career Assessments, a global search engine to find open jobs, and premium international research databases including LexisNexis and E-gold.

Every HK3 authorised user has their own private account, allowing them to monitor their progress and store their resumes. The dashboard is the gateway to a complete advisory program of e-learning modules dealing with each step of the career transition process, whether it’s seeking a new job, a change of career, or entrepreneurship. Each module provides the best advice from our OI Partners’ professionals — in written, audio and video formats, as well as links to the best resources available on the web.

And included within the modules are hundreds of videos containing our career experts revealing the best way to navigate all aspects of job loss, career change, job search techniques and interviewing, to lead to successful outcomes.

Career Mobility – Internal

a. Building a Company-wide Employees’ Career Planning & Development System to grow an internal Future Ready Talent Pool
b. Institutionalize a process to identify Top 3-5% Talent Pool for Succession Planning.

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We recognize that clients’ needs are unique and different. To discuss in more details about the features, time investment, fees and benefits, please call our Managing Principal, Harold Kwan at 65-96397520 or email to