Client Feedback – Organisational Effectiveness

“I would like to express our sincere thanks to you for an excellent job in facilitating our Regional Sales Meeting workshop. Your introduction of our theme “Customer Intimacy” is enlightening and you have put in such practical terms that our participants could relate to readily. A great job in facilitating the group workshop sessions among a group of participants, with strong differing views and steered them towards establishing who are our chosen customers, gap analysis in meeting our customers’ needs, SWOT analysis in relation to our competitors and best of all was the development of action plans!”
– Regional Sales Director and MD of a US-based PCB Manufacturer

“The offsite was a success. We were able to meet our objectives for the activity to share and discuss the future strategies and direction of the company by taking stock of our existing strengths and weaknesses. The DISC tool will certainly come a long way for our participants to be cognizant of their individual style sand character attributes when applying it both at and in social settings. We look forward to future opportunities to work with your company again.”
– Director, Corporate Services of a European global provider of high quality generating sets

“I had worked with Harold in the past in employee outplacement and coaching services. I find him genuinely wanting to help people in their career transition and a great listener to his clients’ needs. Recently, I had another opportunity to engage Harold’s consulting services again to design and facilitate a strategic business planning workshop for senior leadership team. Collaborating with Harold had been a pleasant experience as he is able to gather the stakeholders’ expectations very quickly and design the workshop that was very engaging and participating for the attendees. With Harold’s depth of past experience in Human Resource and his years of strategic planning consulting background, he was able to design the workshop that not only focused on strategic leadership direction but also balanced with an emphasis on the human resource element which is key to achieving the strategic goals.
– A Senior HR Practitioner of an Australian Engineering Company

“Harold is very well experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. In our collaboration, he provided great insights, and helped our teams achieve our end points. He is definitely a leader in his field, and I would look to him as a great source of expertise, insights and experience. Other than being a professional, Harold is also very personable and connects well with people across a very wide range. We were glad to be able to execute and realise our challenging objectives in a sensitive and compassionate delivery.”
– President of a large US pharmaceutical company

“I would like to express our sincere thanks to you for an outstanding job at the “Think Change” workshop for our company in the light of so many changes ongoing. Based on the feedback and responses we received, the workshop was indeed a success. I believe the extensive preparations, including eh numerous reviews and meetings that we had prior to the workshop, had paid dividends. The challenge that lies ahead for the company and its employees now is the follow-up, in order that we can achieve sustained benefits from the program. I will personally see to it that there is adequate follow-up. It has been a great pleasure working with you and we look forward to future opportunities to work together again.”
– SEA General Manager of a global specialty chemicals organization

“Harold’s Team has consistently delivered on our expectations of his firm. In the course of the last few months, his team has actively engaged with our company and change management. I continue to be impressed with their facilitation and business skills in order to facilitate the change, and to help our employees to be very focused and drive for results”
– A HR Director of a large telco

“HK3 Asia was instrumental in helping us as our HR business partner to set up the Asia Pacific vision and people strategy for the new regional leadership team. We were able to utilize the 18 months road-map established through HK3 consultants’ facilitation of the issues/thoughts facing each country’s sales manager to achieve our business focus and success for the next two financial years”
– A leading design automation company.

“The SWOT analysis and strategy formulation exercise was excellent in helping us identify the areas where we can win. The offsite workshop was very successful in helping us understand why we have chosen customers and why we need to have, and continue to foster, close customer Intimacy”,
– A Large US-Based PCB Supplier MNC

“We would like to express our appreciation for HK3’s effort in facilitating our Future Leadership Behavioural Profile and Review Gap Analysis. Harold did an outstanding job in conducting the programs that brought the best out of our future leaders. We have received a great deal of feedback. It was great to see the level of engagement and sustained interest from the managers. I think HK3’s involvement and encouragement helped drive this. I am confident that we are off to a good start to reach our goals.”
– Managing Director of a large Japanese Engineering Company

“The offsite was a success and we were able to meet our objectives for the activity to share and discuss the future strategies and direction of the company and taking stock of our existing strengths and weaknesses.”
– Director of Corporate Services