HK3 Asia aims to partner Individuals, Teams and/or Organizations in providing following customized people-centred solutions to meet desired outcomes.

  • 4-Hour Manpower Rightsizing Planning, Risk Management & Outplacement Coaching with your Senior Management Team …. read more
  • Career Mobility – External : 1-on-1 Individual and Small Group Career Transition Coaching for retrenched employees and Spousal Career Relocation Programs (SCRP) to assist in rebuilding their careers and morale …. read more
  • OI SOLUTIONS Login is our Career Transition Portal. This is a user-friendly, multi-media, web-based global platform has been designed for outplacement candidates and provides increased resources for job seekers, those interested in entrepreneurship, and others in transition ….read more
  • Career Mobility – Internal : Company-wide Employees’ Careers, Top 3-5% Talent Pool Review, Succession Planning & Management System …. read more
  • Business Rebuilding/Renewal at Company Level Strategy and then Translating them into Departmental Strategies, Goals and Plans to cascade for implementation throughout the organization; Generating Future Leadership Culture, Behavioural and Competency Profiles; Organization Change Facilitation …. read more
  • 1-on-1 Leadership Executive Coaching for High Potentials, Performance Development & Improvements; Leadership Profile Assessments & 360º Feedback leading to Performance Development Solution …. read more
  • HR Outsourcing: Payroll/HR Processing. HR Projects & On-Site Support. Strategic HR Organization Review ….read more
  • Executive Talent Search – Search for your Interim, Part-Time and Full Time Management Executives ….read more


Outplacement &
Career Transition Coaching (OCTC)

Goal: Partnering Senior Management Teams to (a) plan and implement manpower rightsizing decisions the RIGHT way, (b) outgoing Individuals and relocated Spouses to rebuild their careers and morale and (c) remaining employees (survivors) to understand and accept the needed changes so that morale and productivity will recover soonest possible.

To meet these purposes, …. read more

Executive Coaching

Goal: Partnering Executives and Leaders to have higher levels of self-awareness to achieve that significant competitive advantage by enhancing your leaders’ and organization’s performance through measurable objectives.

To meet this purpose, …. read more

Organization Effectiveness

Goal: Partnering Top Teams to (a) build or renew Business Strategic Directions to ensure a future-ready organization, (b) identify the new leadership team’s behaviors & competencies profile required to navigate the organizations to achieve the desired future outcomes and (c) identify and implement changes, interventions and programs required to improve individuals and teams’ performance.

To meet these purposes, …. read more

HR Outsourcing & Partnership

Goal: Partnering clients (a) by placing suitably qualified HR resources on-site in customer’s office to assume specific HR duties and responsibilities at administrative, managerial and/or strategic level, (b) to administer HR and Payroll processing functions and (c) to design and deliver HR Projects and Advisory Roles.

To meet these purposes, …. read more

Executive Talent Search

Goal: Partnering clients to find the right managerial talents in a timely way.

To meet these purposes, …. read more

Feedback from
Our Valuable Clients

Thanks to our valued clients, HK3 has received numerous kind commendation letters for consistently exceeding customer expectations.

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Samples of customers our consultants have served ……..