HK3 Career Transition Portal – OI Solutions

OI Solutions is our online portal with the most advanced resources available to job seekers, all in one place. It’s a high-tech tool that supplements our high-touch, personal support.

When our candidates are provided the log in, they would be able to access the essential tools such as the Resume Builder, Interview Simulator, 13 Career Assessments, a global search engine to find open jobs, and premium international research databases including LexisNexis and E-gold.

Every HK3 authorised user has their own private account, allowing them to monitor their progress and store their resumes. The dashboard is the gateway to a complete advisory program of e-learning modules dealing with each step of the career transition process, whether it’s seeking a new job, a change of career, or entrepreneurship. Each module provides the best advice from our OI Partners’ professionals — in written, audio and video formats, as well as links to the best resources available on the web.

And included within the modules are hundreds of videos containing our career experts revealing the best way to navigate all aspects of job loss, career change, job search techniques and interviewing, to lead to successful outcomes.