Executive Coaching (EC)

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Goal: Partnering Managers and Leaders to have higher levels of self-awareness, including the use of SELF and 360 ̊ Feedback process to achieve that significant competitive advantage by enhancing your leaders’ and organization’s performance with purposeful and measurable objectives.

Leadership Behaviors and Competencies That Drive Business Results
As global market conditions continue to change and evolve, Managers and Leaders will need to adjust, stay agile and influence diverse and complex people and organizational challenges to drive business results. With a competency and behaviour-based executive coaching model, our experienced executive coach can play an effective role, acting as a sounding board and sparring partner to listen, discuss, question, feedback and stimulate ideas on various personal and business issues and challenges.

HK3 Asia offers a five-phase competency and behavior-based executive coaching service. Each program is customized to the unique needs of the coachee. It starts off with a tripartite agreement of outcomes between client’s sponsor, coachee and coach, then to information gathering, data analysis, identifying key opportunities for development, developing the action plans, coaching support and measuring progress and results. This time-tested process has been fine-tuned and improved over the past 20 years. Emphasis is made to integrate the learning experience into the day-to-day business where they can be sustained to deliver optimal performance results.

Our clients found HK3 Asia Executive Leadership Coaching Programs complement well into their internal Global Leadership Talent Review (GLTR) and Performance Development Planning (PDP) process.

The Five Phase Executive Coaching Process

HK3 Asia Has The Right Experience
Majority of our managerial and senior executive candidates are high potentials, heads of departments, country heads and C Level individuals, mainly operating in MNCs from diverse industries. Being an Asian firm, we are sensitive to the cultural and business practices in this region. Our team of experienced Coaches have diverse experience from various industries with wide global network.

Contact Information
We recognize that clients’ needs are unique and different. To discuss in more details about the features, time investment, fees and benefits of our Executive Leadership Coaching Programs, please call our Principal Executive Coach, Executive Coaching Services Division, Tel. 65-96397520 or email to harold@haroldkwan3.com